Admissions Requirements and Procedures


Application Procedures:

                    1 $35-00 application fee (not applicable for government funded individuals)

                    2. Completion of

                            a) Interview and Academy acceptance

                            b) Individual Certification and Training Agreement

                            c) Liability Release form

                    3. Approval of payment procedure by Academy officer.

                    4. Signatures on the following documents:

                            a) Admissions requirements and Procedure two page form.

                            b) Attendance Policy for Programs...............

                            c) Individual Certification and Training Agreement

                            d) Liability Release Form

                            e) Refund and Cancellation Policy


Program Space Availability:

Because of space limitations (Maximum of 8) in an assigned date/day/time program individuals should contact the academy and inquire about space availability.



1. Those not working with an agency that is funding the program must place a deposit to hold a place. This is first come - first serve. The sooner you decide, receive an approval from an academy staff member and deposit an amount agreed upon the better your chance of reserving a space during the date/days/time you want, an exception is agencies who are funding the individual and have developed a payment system with the American Woodworking Academy, Inc.

                           2. Full payment is normally due at the beginning of class unless arrangements have been made with an academy official.

3. The Academy will accept payment schedules for an individual where an agency is providing the funding or the individual has made arrangements with an academy official.


Payment Methods (full or partial):

                           1. Currency (U.S.)

                           2. Master Card or Visa with number and execration date

                           3. Training ID For (Approved agencies or institutions)

                           4. Approved Voucher (Approved agencies or institutions)

                           5. Check Personnel or Company (No two party checks or non U.S.)

                           6. Money order drawn from a U.S. facility


Liability Release Form:

                           1. A signed liability release form issued by the Academy is mandatory for all those attending.

                           2. Those that decline to sign the release form will be given a full refund and removed from the program roster.


Admission Application Interview/Review:

1. Individuals applying for the Master Woodworking program or bundled courses must do so in person if within commuting distance. Please call if we must make special arrangements for an interview.

                           2. No student will be admitted unless it is determined the student is capable of benefiting from the training offered by the academy.

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Last Updated 03/01/16