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There is something for everyone, so pick your payment option and enroll today.

Hurry, classes are filling fast.

Option 1.    2% interest, on our Master Woodworking Program student loan with 18 month payment plan. Down payment       of  $2,000.00 required.

Option 2.   4.5 interest, $2,500 down payment up to six years to repay!

Option 3.   $500.00  down payment, Only 150. per month while you attend school and then $350 per month for the remainder of the loan after you graduate. Interest will vary from 9-12%.

Option 4.   Zero interest! We still take checks, cash or credit cards for payment on all our great classes and pay as you go.

Option 5.   Pay cash/credit card for the Master Woodworking Program and receive our Stain & Finishing class FREE!  $275.value.

Option 6.    Create Your Own Plan And Summit for Approval. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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