Woodchips Soccer Logo American Woodworking Academy, Inc.
Academy Eestablished 1993

Sponsorship Opportunities

Academy Name Sponsor:

"American Woodworking Academy" Sponsored By (Sponsor's Name)

$100,000.00 annual fee, 3 year minimum commitment, 4th & 5th year discounted renewal options.

Sponsor's benefits:

  • Name and logo on every uniform,  tees, number tags on work benches. Logo Polo jersey signed and professorially  framed for display.
  • Name and logo with large banner on front page of web site. (200 x 600 pixels)
  • Name and logo on all pages of web site. (50 x 300 pixels)
  • Small banner on class description pages.
  • All letter head, envelopes, forms, printed material with listing as "official sponsor" of American Woodworking Academy.
  • All e-mail's sent with "official sponsor" about 10,000 annually.
  • 3-fold advertisements, printed material and local newspaper adds will include "official sponsor"
  • Exhibitor tent @ Woodworking shows for sponsors printed material, etc. (sponsor provided)
  • Exhibitor area at the American Woodworking academy.
  • Rear full page advertisement in the academy program book of classes. Two 1/2 pages inside the program. (All black & white camera-ready copy provide by sponsor.)
  • Exclusivity from related competitors advertisements.
  • First right of refusal as "official sponsor of American woodworking Academy" on renewal.
  • Large banner on links page. (200 x 600 pixels)
  • Summer college classes "Official Sponsor" Listing on all related printed material and emails regarding our summer classes. Including logo on students class tee shirt
  • Banner ads throughout the academy building.
  • American Woodworking Academy is listed as a S-Corporation.


Interested advertisers should

e-mail: cfuchs@awacademy.com

Advertising Packages:

Premier Package, $1,000.00 a month:

Web home page with large banner ad.                One small ad on each page. (Art from advertiser)          Large banner on class listing page.                    Large banner ad on links page.           

Gold Package, $750.00 a month:

One small banner ad on home page.                                                              One small banner ad on each web page.                                                                One small banner ad on Class listing page.          One large banner ad on links page.

Silver Package, $500 a month:

One small banner ad on home page.

Four small banner ads throughout our web site.

One small banner ad on links page.

Bronze package, $250.00 a month:

Two small banner ads on web pages. (no front)

One small banner ad on links page.

Copper Package, $100.00 a month:

One small banner ad on links page.                    Name on links page as a supporter.

Class Package only, $500 .00 a month:

One Large banner ad in our lunch room. (Minimum 12 months.)

Tool area  Package only, $500.00 a month:

Large banner ad in tool area at the academy.           

Small banner ad in tool area at the academy.            .

Library Group Package, $250.00 a month:

Large banner ad in our library. (minimum 12 months)


Woodworking scholarship donations are being accepted:

All Sponsorships and Advertising : Listing coming soon.

Work Bench area naming rights and advertising along with bench sponsorships: TBD

Misc items at $25 per month: trash cans, clamping area, sanding area, gluing dept, studio, kitchen area, finishing area, misc.