Did American Woodworking Academy help you become the woodworker, the employee, the leader, the craftsman or the friend that you are today? You can help give other students the same opportunity. Here’s how:

1. Give a Lot … Not Necessarily All at Once
To establish a named scholarship, such as those featured in this newsletter, you must give a minimum of $20,000. This can be given all at once or pledged over time.

Contributions are placed in the school’s endowment portfolio. When the endowment is fully funded at $20,000, the interest earned is given as a $1,000 annual student scholarship.

You, the donor, establish the criteria for the award. The school administration manages the scholarship.

2. Remember American Woodworking Academy in Your Will
Scores of alumnae do this either in direct bequests or through established trusts. All bequests or trusts at or above $20,000 qualify as named, endowed scholarship funds. Those gifts below $20,000 are placed in the school’s general endowed funds.

3. Remember a Friend
When you contribute to American Woodworking Academy in honor or memory of a family member or friend, the money is placed in the school’s general endowment fund. After a death, many families choose to make up the difference between what family and friends give in memory and the $20,000 required for a named scholarship.

4. Give a Little
Individual contributions in any amount designated for the endowment fund help American Woodworking Academy accumulate interest within the overall endowment and ultimately increase the awards of annual student scholarships.

5. Find Out More
Contact the school’s office at (636) 343-3750, e-mail cfuchs@awacademy.com or visit our web site at www.awacademy.com  for staff contacts. We accept master card & visa card payments!