Academy Recognition
Certified to Operate
by the
Coordinating Board of Higher Education
State of Missouri

Approvals and Potential Financial Assistance Sources:


  TFC Credit Corporation, The Place for Student Loans


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Option 1.    0% interest, on our Master Woodworking Program student loan with 18 month payment plan. Down payment     of   $2,000.00 required.

Option 2.    2.5 interest, $2,500 down payment up to six years to repay!

Option 3. Only 150. per month while you attend school and then $350 per month for the remainder of the loan after you graduate and zero down payment. Interest will vary. 

Option 4. We still take checks, cash or credit cards for payment on all our great classes.

Option 5. Pay cash/credit card for the Master Woodworking Program  and receive our Staining & Finishing Class FREE!


Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

This is a Job Training Program for individuals who have lost their job. WIA will help find & pay for retraining. For more information Contact: Division of Employment and Training,
State of Missouri - 1-800-877-8698, or your state agency.

Trade Readjustment Act (TRA)

Trade Readjustment Act, call your local Job Service office to see if you qualify. For workers whose job has been eliminated by Foreign Imports. EXAMPLE: MO. 314-751-3784

Worker Reentry Program (WRP)

Worker Reentry Program,
(See TRA phone number directly above)

Futures Program (FP) Futures Program
(See TRA phone number above)

Veterans Education (GI bill)

VA-(Veterans) (Disabled Voc. Reb.)

Veterans and Dependents should call 1-888-442-4551 to find out if you Qualify for Veterans Education Benefits and which chapter you would be in, or Contact your nearest State Vocational Rehabilitation Dept., EXAMPLE: Mo. call 314-589-9881

VA online With your PC Modem dial 1-800-871-8387 or Telnet to VANOLINE.VA.GOV (IP ADDRESS or)

Governments Employees

Check with your local county, State ,or Federal Personnel Department

United Auto Workers

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

GM: Inside of Michigan 1-800-22 UAW GM
  Outside of Michigan 1-800-GM UAW 11
Chrysler: 1-800-241-1416
Ford: (636) 731-6261

Other Companies - Check with local union office / educational coordinator

United Steelworkers

United Mine Workers

UMWA-BCOA Training & Education Fund

Your Employer

Check with your company Human Resource or Personnel Dept., EXAMPLE: McDonnell Douglas /234-2152, Proctor Gamble, Lockheed Martin, Anheuser Busch, etc.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
Check with your local or state Vocational Rehabilitation center.

EXAMPLE: State of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Call 314-340-4650

New in 1997:Manufacturer's involved with Academy in Co-op Work Program: Call Academy 1(636) 343-3750 or

E-mail Contact Academy for any updates on approving agencies.

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Last Updated 07/27/12