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Producing a three-leg  Shaker table


Fundamentals of Woodworking


GAIN CONFIDENCE and LEARN NEW SKILLS! Enjoy twenty-four lab hours of woodworking. This experience is for the beginner through the amateur. Trainers are noted for their tips and hints for producing a better project. The class familiarizes you with wood technology, furniture construction techniques, safe machinery operation, and tool setup.


The following are specific woodworking technology areas covered:


Interpreting plans

Selecting wood species and recognize machining characteristics

Laying out project piece patterns to maximize wood usage

Squaring wood with a jointer, surfacer, and table saw

Creating curves with a bandsaw

Developing curved edges (profiles) with a router and bit

Producing flat surfaces on spindles with a rotary planer

Selecting the correct glue (adhesive) and application

Correct clamping techniques for joining wood

Choosing the proper sanding (abrasive) paper

Learning about finishes and finishing

For AGES 12 and UP or with consent of the instructor Class # SPI-600

A certificate is awarded upon class completion

NO prerequisites, NO background in woodworking needed, and NO materials or tools needed.

The class takes twenty-four hours in eight hour blocks of time over a three-day period normally encompassing a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances. Check with the Academy office for further information. See Web site calendar for dates.

FEES: Tuition $375.00 + Laboratory $75.00 + Materials (solid wood) $25.00 = $475.00 and you keep the project.


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