Constructing a Blanket Chest with interior Tray


Delightful Diversion and Build on Earlier Acquired Expertise! Great forty-eight lab hours of woodworking. The class will expose you to a variety of methods for insuring measurement and angle accuracy. Trainers will demonstrate and then guide you through various joinery construction techniques. Then you will learn about cabinet joinery and using stationary tools in producing a chest to last a lifetime.


The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  •  History and types of chests with lids
  •  Types of specialty hardware for chests with lids
  •  Advantages of aromatic cedar linings
  •  Developing a bill of material
  •  Joinery made with a router
  •  Sanding large surfaces evenly
  •  Attaching lid hardware
  •  Edgeband a large top

Class for AGES 12 and UP or School's Permission

Class # SPI-612

A certificate is awarded upon class completion

   SPI-600, 601, 603. or School's Permission.
   NO materials or tools needed.


The class takes forty-eight hours in eight hour blocks of time over a six-day period. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.


Tuition $975.00 + Laboratory $150.00 + Materials (solid oak) $60.00 = $1,185.00 and you keep the project.


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