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Embark on a transformative year-long journey with our Master Woodworking Programs, guided by seasoned professionals. Master essential techniques and gain a deep appreciation for woodworking’s heritage, setting the stage for advanced challenges in subsequent programs. Shape your passion into a tangible craft as you explore the art of woodworking.


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Woodworking Program


Woodworking Program

Woodworking Courses For Every Skill Level

Discover the essence of woodworking through our individual courses. Each course is crafted to immerse you in specific aspects of the craft, allowing you to refine your skills with expert guidance. From mastering intricate joinery to exploring the art of wood finishing, our courses offer a focused and enriching experience. Choose your path, delve into the intricacies of woodworking, and elevate your craft one class at a time.

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American Woodworking took my hobby to a passion of true craftsmanship. The experience of the instructors is top notch.

– Roger H, AR

Empowering Veterans Through the Art of Woodworking

At American Woodworking Academy, we are committed to making your woodworking dreams a reality. Explore various financial aid options, work assistance programs, and government funding initiatives designed to support your educational journey. Veterans, discover specialized aid assistance tailored to honor your service and empower your transition into the art of craftsmanship. Start shaping your future with the support you deserve.

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Explore our upcoming classes and embark on the next chapter of your woodworking journey. From foundational techniques to advanced skills, secure your spot and dive into a world of craftsmanship. Enrich your skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and make your mark in the art of woodworking.



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