Individual Classes

Discover our wide range of individual classes designed to hone your woodworking skills. From beginner to advanced, each class offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow in your craft. Dive into our comprehensive list and take the next step in your woodworking journey today.

Course # Course Title Description Total Hours
LAB-001 Lab Time - 001 Shop Time $475 8
LAB-002 Lab Time - 002 Shop Time $725 16
LAB-003 Lab Time - 003 Shop Time $975 24
SPI-600 Fundamentals of Woodworking Producing a Three-Legged Shaker Table $675 24
SPI-601 Basic Cabinetmaking Creating a New York Spice Cabinet with a Raised Panel Door and Drawer $760 24
SPI-603 Basic Furniture Making Constructing a Drop Leaf Table with Four Spindle Legs $1,022 24
SPI-604 Basic Lathe Turning Making Woodenware for the Kitchen, Dining Room and Office $760 24
SPI-607 Intermediate Cabinetry Producing a Curio or Gun Cabinet with Dental Moldings and a Glass or Raised Panel Door $1,702 50
SPI-610 Advanced Cabinetry Building a Roll Top Desk Base with Raised Panels and File Drawers $2,567 92
SPI-611 Basic Frett & Scroll Techniques Creating Puzzles to Last for Generations $797 16
SPI-612 Exterior Closure and Design Constructing a Blanket Chest with interior Tray $1,185 48
SPI-613 Intermediate Furniture Discover how to Produce Cabriole Legs and Manufacture and Inlay a Top Cherry Side Table $1,262 32
SPI-614 Children's Play Furniture Steaming and Bending Wood to Create a Traditional Victorian Period All Wooden Cherry and Oak Sled $1,122 16
SPI-615 Advanced Furniture Making Glide in, not Rock Out! Produce an Oak Glider for a child or adult $1,372 40
SPI-617 Introduction to Joinery Manufacturing a laminated counter top to use as an inverted router table $847 16
SPI-618 Advanced Lathe Turning Build a Spindle Post Bed that will be the envy of everyone! $2,625 110
SPI-618 Intermediate Lathe A Laminated Cherry, Walnut, and Oak Turned Lamp of Your Own Design $1,825 32
SPI-620 Exterior Woods Enjoy the Outdoors $2,725 72
SPI-621 European Design & Techniques 54" Oak Workbench And Frame for a cabinet to go below $1,582 48
SPI-623 Advanced Fundamentals A Rollicking Oak and Walnut Inlay Rocking Horse $1,482 48
SPI-624 Joint Making I Oak Raised "S" Panel Top with Ball and Socket Tambour Joinery $1,702 60
SPI-625 Joint Making II Lower 5 Drawer and 1 Door Cabinet for your Work Bench $1,582 48
SPI-626 Joint Making III Specialized Joinery Class Producing Various Styles of Joints $1,587 52
SPI-627 Jigs & Fixtures Safety, Lathe and Table Saw Assists $847 16
SPI-628 Basic Carpentry Build a Carpenters Toolbox or a Machinists Toolbox $1,650 24
SPI-648 Turning Green Wood Turn Green Wood (wood that has not been dried) that the whole family will enjoy. $1,989 45
SPI-649 Windsor Furniture Learn to make Windsor Chair $2,000 40
SPI-650 Windsor Furniture for Kids Build a Windsor Chair for the little ones that the family will enjoy. $1,439 48
SPI-651 Furniture for Infants Build a Child's Hi-Chair or Cradle that your family will enjoy. $1,439 48
SPI-652 Kid's Toy Chest or Blanket Chest Build a Toy Chest or Blanket Chest your young ones will love. $1,474 48
SPI-653 Production Techniques II Build an Entertainment Center that the whole family will enjoy. $2,495 92
SPI-654 Fundamentals of Veneering Welcome to Veneering $1,690 32
SPI-656 Detail Applications for Furniture Learn to make a Claw Foot Leg or Queen Ann style feet for your projects. $1,465 16
SPI-658 Entry Level Production Build the Serpentine look that the whole family will enjoy. $1,939 72
VF-100 Fundamentals of Production Techniques Build a Night Stand for the bedroom. $1,239 32
VF-102 Basic Production Techniques Build a Vanity that the whole family will enjoy. $1,694 60
VF-103 Production Techniques I Build a Vanity Chest that the whole family will enjoy. $1,594 60
VF-104 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Build a 4 Drawer Dresser that anyone will enjoy. $1,910 48
VF-105 Production Techniques II Build an Stool that the whole family will enjoy. $1,314 24
VF-106 Advanced Level Manufacturing Build a Double Wide Dresser that anybody will enjoy. $2,075 72
VF-109 Intermediate Level Manufacturing Techniques Anyone for A New Bed? $2,075 72

Empowering Veterans Through the Art of Woodworking

At American Woodworking Academy, we are committed to making your woodworking dreams a reality. Explore various financial aid options, work assistance programs, and government funding initiatives designed to support your educational journey. Veterans, discover specialized aid assistance tailored to honor your service and empower your transition into the art of craftsmanship. Start shaping your future with the support you deserve.

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