Basic Cabinetmaking

Class # SPI-601

Basic Cabinetmaking

Have Fun and Try New Techniques! Savor twenty-four lab hours of woodworking. The course is for beginners through amateurs and normally follows Fundamentals of Woodworking (SPI-600). The trainer will assist you in developing your skills toward cabinetmaking. Students will be exposed to several common and useful cabinetmaking operations.

Class Overview:
Creating a New York Spice Cabinet with a Raised Panel Door and Drawer

The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Reading plans
  • Reviewing types of joinery
  • Learning molding fabricating techniques
  • Developing drawer making skills
  • Manufacturing to finish size various wood parts
  • Creating curved designs with a pattern
  • Acquiring Bandsaw techniques for curved radius cutting
  • Fabricating dado joinery
  • Producing rabbet joinery
  • Making a raised panel insert
  • Constructing a door frame
  • Attaching hardware correctly
Age Restrictions
Class for AGES 12 and UP or School’s Permission
A certificate is awarded upon class completion

SPI-600 or with schools permission.
NO materials required; NO tools needed

Class Time and Information
The class takes twenty-four hours in eight hour blocks of time over a three-day period encompassing a Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.
Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
SPI-601 Basic Cabinetmaking $625 $100 $35 $760 24

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