Welcome to the Production Woodworking program at American Woodworking Academy, where craftsmanship meets efficiency. Dive into the world of mass production and learn the techniques and processes essential for creating high-quality woodwork pieces at scale. Our program is structured into three modules, each carefully curated to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in a production environment.

"Going to school here at AWA took my business to a whole new level. Being able to learn in depth techniques of a master woodworker is what I needed to reach a better customer base. AWA truly expanded my knowledge." Eric D, MO

The Production Woodworking Program consists of the following course modules:

Production I

Begin your journey with Production I, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of production woodworking. From crafting Windsor furniture for kids to creating furniture for infants and mastering entry-level production techniques, these courses provide the foundational knowledge needed to excel in a production setting.

Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
LAB-004 Lab Time - 004 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
LAB-005 Lab Time - 006 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
SPI-650 Windsor Furniture for Kids $939 $375 $125 $1,439 48
SPI-651 Furniture for Infants $939 $375 $125 $1,439 48
SPI-658 Entry Level Production $1,389 $400 $150 $1,939 72
Subtotal: $8,267 216

Production II

Advance your skills with Production II, focusing on the fundamentals of production techniques and intermediate production methods. Dive deeper into the intricacies of mass production and learn how to streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency.

Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
LAB-006 Lab Time - 006 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
LAB-007 Lab Time - 007 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
VF-100 Fundamentals of Production Techniques $739 $375 $125 $1,239 32
VF-102 Basic Production Techniques $1,154 $365 $175 $1,694 60
VF-103 Production Techniques I $1,054 $365 $175 $1,594 60
Subtotal: $7,977 200

Production III

Take your expertise to the next level with Production III, where you’ll explore specialized production skills and techniques. From turning green wood to crafting kid’s toy chests or blank chests, these courses prepare you for the challenges of advanced production woodworking.

Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
LAB-008 Lab Time - 008 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
LAB-009 Lab Time - 009 $1,300 $300 $125 $1,725 24
SPI-648 Turning Green Wood $1,414 $425 $150 $1,989 45
SPI-652 Kid's Toy Chest or Blanket Chest $964 $350 $160 $1,474 48
VF-105 Production Techniques II $914 $275 $125 $1,314 24
Subtotal: $8,227 165
Total Cost & Notes: Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
$17,306 $5,105 $2,060 $24,471 581

Empowering Veterans Through the Art of Woodworking

At American Woodworking Academy, we are committed to making your woodworking dreams a reality. Explore various financial aid options, work assistance programs, and government funding initiatives designed to support your educational journey. Veterans, discover specialized aid assistance tailored to honor your service and empower your transition into the art of craftsmanship. Start shaping your future with the support you deserve.

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