Kid’s Toy Chest or Blanket Chest

Class # SPI-652

Kid’s Toy Chest or Blanket Chest

Learn to Build a Project in seperate modules and then Assemble the Modules together. Gain Confidence and Learn New Skills! Enjoy twenty-four hours of woodworking. This experience is for the beginner through the amateur. Trainers are noted for their tips and hints allowing you to produce a better project. The class familiarizes you with wood technology, furniture construction techniques.

Class Overview:
Build a Toy Chest or Blanket Chest your young ones will love.

The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Learn how to Select and use grain wood patterns to the best look of your project.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in joinery construction with different tools.
  • Learn different chest styles.
  • Laying out project parts patterns to maximize wood usage
  • Squaring wood with a Jointer, Surfacer and Saw
  • Understand how to use hardware to your best advantage.
  • Learn correct clamping techniques
  • Choosing the proper sanding paper
Age Restrictions
Class for AGES 12 and UP or Instructor’s Permission
A certificate is awarded upon class completion

Master Woodworking Program Courses or with consent of the instructor.
NO materials or tools needed.

Class Time and Information
The class takes forty-eight hours in eight hour blocks of time over a six-day period. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.
Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
SPI-652 Kid's Toy Chest or Blanket Chest $964 $350 $160 $1474 48

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