Turning Green Wood

Class # SPI-648

Turning Green Wood

Take a part of the tree and make something on the Lathe. Bowl, Lamp, etc.

Class Overview:
Turn Green Wood (wood that has not been dried) that the whole family will enjoy.

The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Execute Safe and correct tools and machine operations.
  • Learn how to set-up lathe for specific type of greenwood turning.
  • Prepare greenwood by correctly stabilizing species being prepared.
  • Learn how to turn, sand, and finish product to identified specifications.
  • Understand how to select and sharpen lathe tools.
  • Accomplish the art green wood turning.
Age Restrictions
Class for AGES 18 and UP or School’s Permission
A certificate is awarded upon class completion

Master Woodworking Program Courses or with consent of the instructor
NO materials or tools needed.

Class Time and Information
The class takes forty-five hours in eight hour blocks of time over a six-day period. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.
Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
SPI-648 Turning Green Wood $1414 $425 $150 $1989 45

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