Advanced Fundamentals

Class # SPI-623

Advanced Fundamentals

The Rider of this Horse can Travel anywhere to any Time and always with a Big Smile! A great forty-eight lab hours to sharpen your woodworking skills. If you desire training on inlay this is the class. The trainer will advise you in various skill developments. This course is sometimes called the Grandparents Holiday Class.

Class Overview:
A Rollicking Oak and Walnut Inlay Rocking Horse

The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Learn how to cut curves so when used as rockers the project will rest in the position you desire
  • Acquire knowledge of inlay materials other than wood
  • Develop skill in producing and imbedding inlay
  • Instruction will be provided in creating compound angles
  • Boring through multiple layers and plugging are part of the training
  • Review your skills on pattern design and use
  • Master the art of contour shaping for the saddle
Age Restrictions
Class for AGES 14 and UP or School’s Permission
A certificate is awarded upon class completion

SPI-600 or with consent of School
NO materials or tools needed.

Class Time and Information
The class takes forty-eight hours in eight hour blocks of time over a six-day period. Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.
Course # Course Title Tuition Lab Fee Material Fee Total Hours
SPI-623 Advanced Fundamentals $1075 $300 $107 $1482 48

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